About Sterling Cole

As a member of NER and SCCA since 2004, I have been competing in club racing in the ITE and EP classes. I was elected to the Board of Directors in 2013 and was elected to be the Assistant RE in 2016 and have been the Regional Executive since 2017. It is a great honor to work for the club that I get so much enjoyment from.

August Letter from the RE

In the weeks since my last report, the region and myself have had quite a busy and  successful summer. Not that the summer is over yet, but it is closing in far too quickly (unless you’re excited about snowcross). Personally, I am officially without a racecar, but I hope that changes soon and I can get back on-track before the end of the Road Racing season. We’ve had 14 events since my last writing, including 3 Autocross, 2 RallyCross, 1 RoadRally, 5 Track Nights, and 2 Road Races. The only common problem for many of these events being the seemingly endless rain we’ve been getting in New England. Hopefully the rest of the summer and fall racing season is a bit more dry. If not, we may want to consider building an official NER ark and load the cars in by class, two by two. With the Solo Nationals right around the corner, it looks to be an exciting and successful event. The event registration sold out at 1400 competitors and I wish all of our members that are making the trip, the best of luck. The Runoffs are still weeks away and the [...]

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June Letter from the RE

JUNE REGIONAL EXECUTIVE REPORT It’s been a little while since I have written one of these, and to be honest, I’ve missed it. Thankfully, though, the hiatus from the RE report and Pit Talk was a short one. You hold in your hands (if using a phone or tablet) the most recent iteration of the famed and renowned Pit Talk magazine, the official publication of the New England Region of the SCCA. Although it was a long and difficult process, all those involved with creating this new version are very happy with the outcome. We feel this fresh start brings us up to current standards for digital publication and carries NER and Pit Talk fully into the digital age. Fret not if you prefer the tried and true paper publication! As an NER member, you are entitled to receive the Pit Talk Annual in your good old fashioned mailbox. This issue, sent once a year, will have season results, top stories from the year, photos, and even fresh new stories. Think of it as a sort of yearbook for the club. All you need to do in order to receive this paper-and-ink version is be an NER member. Start [...]

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