Last year’s Solo Nationals was plagued with torrential rains. The weather left such a mark on the week-long event, that this year’s logo and theme references it with the title “After the Flood”. Many of the recaps for the weekend called the rains “biblical.” It really was that bad. But despite the thousands of gallons of water dumped on Lincoln Field, New England Region drivers still managed to dominate. In 2018, NER autocrossers brought back 5 NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS!

EP: Ryan Field

ESPL: Becca Nell

GSL: Barbara Seeger

SMF: Brian Kuehl

SMFL: Ginette Jordan – Her 13th National Championship!!

And that’s not all. 16 additional racers placed with podium finishes. To say NER dominated is an understatement. Our Solo program is by far one of the strongest in the country.

This weekend, these drivers, families and crews are gearing up to do it all again. Many will start the drive to Nebraska in order to arrive and prepare for the first day of heats on Tuesday, following the Labor Day holiday. So far, the weather reports are looking much more positive then what was faced last year.

The complete list of NER members participating in this year’s Solo Nationals is detailed below, but to sum it up, we are sending 61 competitors west for this championship event. While the majority will be racing in the Street category, we have drivers representing the region in all class categories.

Solo Nationals Updates

All next week, Pit Talk will be publishing updates from Lincoln on how our drivers are doing. Check back often to see the latest results and highlights from the week of racing.

Event Details


Monday, Sep 2 — Friday, Sep 6, 2019

Lincoln Airpark, Lincoln, NE

Tire Rack SCCA Solo Nationals®

The Tire Rack SCCA Autocross National Championship – known as “Solo Nationals” – is where more than 1,200 autocrossers come from across the country to compete and meet in one of the largest motorsports gatherings on the planet and the premier SCCA autocross competition and social event of the year.

To crown a national champion in each class, drivers get three runs each on two different courses with the fastest times from each course combined for the official results. This magnitude of drivers and runs takes four days to complete with half of the drivers running on Tuesday/Wednesday of the week and the other half running Thursday/Friday. Along the way drivers, friends, and crew enjoy a welcome party, tailgating late into the night a practice course and two awards banquets.

NER 2019 Solo Nationals Competitors



Erik Carlson

Todd Kean

Justin Lau

Mark Sarcevicz

Derek Sivret

Hank Wallace

David White

Dave Williamson

John Williamson


Lana Tsurikova


Nigel Fenwick


Susan Fenwick

Becca Nell


Dan Fillingim


Carl Wener

Bruno Lajoie


Barbara Seeger

Brad Fiore


Kathleen Barnes

Ginette Jordan


Josh Brockman

Paul Krysiak

John Swig

Chang Ho Kim

Jinx Jordan


Dana Nicgorski, Sr.

Dana Nicgorski


Stephanie Reeve

Grant Reeve

Street Prepared


Billy Davis

Bob Davis


Tamra Hunt Krystinik

Andrew Krystinik

Tim Kong


Tina Moreau

Jojo Corrales-Kean


PJ Corrales

Bryan Mancuso


Thomas Moore

Street Touring


Mark Dudek

William Koscielny


Jacob Ronald

Alan Salnikov

Mark Ponusky

Sam Creasey

Street Modified


Rachel Baker


Matt Cwieka

Ryan Field

**UPDATE: September 10, 2019 @ 3:54pm

Added Carl Wener and Bruno Lajoie

** UPDATED: August 28 @ 9:27pm

Added Ginette and Jinx Jordan as competitors representing NER.



Jeff Seeger

Arnold Beebe


Evan LeBlanc

Nick Pasternack



William Goodale

Robert Barone


Jim Garry

Ken Hurd


Stacey Strout

Joshua Parker

David Thomas


Jason Fair

Alex Jackson

CAM Challenge


Jeff Bakken

Steve Belliveau

SportsCar Magazine 2019 Solo Nationals Preview

Who will win?

SCCA’s corporate magazine profiled the top contenders for this year’s Solo Nationals. Reading through was almost a Who’s Who of NER drivers. Take a look at all the references to our talented solo teams already generating buzz for next week.

Solo Team Shirts

Thanks to many helpful hands, all the NER members attending Solo Nationals will be sporting region shirts.