That’s a wrap on the 2018 Solo Nationals. By all measures, the week was a great success, despite the “biblical” levels of rain. Luckily, all the rainy Solo events we’ve hosted in the New England Region this year may have given our drivers a leg up on the competition. We’re going to keep that “glass-half-full” approach to this season. But overall, the region should be extremely proud of how we were represented at Nationals, the level of competition our drivers brought, all the fun, excitement, and quality sportsmanship.

And it’s official. SCCA announced that 2018 set the record for the highest level of participation and entries for a Solo Nationals. 1357 drivers took a start on the Concrete Beach in Lincoln, NE last week. Way to go Autocross drivers!!

With the theme for the week being “Game of Cones,” the parodies and word plays on all things Game of Thrones showed the wit and humor of our Solo drivers. Our NER “House Bolt On” and “House Tiregaryen” crew sure is punny!

Last week, Pit Talk posted daily updates from SCCA and drivers at the event. Be sure to visit that page to read some of the highlights. Also take a minute to browse through the NER Autocross Facebook page, as well as the SoloMatters Facebook page for tons of photos and moments from the week. Links to the dozens of YouTube videos from the week is also included down below.

NER 2018 Solo Nationals Champions

EP: Ryan Field

ESPL: Becca Nell

GSL: Barbara Seeger

SMF: Brian Kuehl

SMFL: Ginette Jordan – Her 13th National Championship!!

NER Podium Finishers

AM: Robert Barone – 5th Place

AS: Mark Sarcevicz – 4th Place

ASL: Lana Tsurikova – 2nd Place

BSL: Susan Fenwick – 4th Place

CSP: Billy Davis – 4th Place

DSP: Tamra Hunt – 2nd Place

DSP: Andrew Krystinik – 5th Place

EP: Justin Chen – 3rd Place

ESP: PJ Corrales – 2nd Place

ESP: Bryan Mancuso – 3rd Place

ESPL: Jojo Corrales-Kean – 2nd Place

HS: Nik Finn – 3rd Place

JA: Kimsoo Gopnik – 2nd Place

SMFL: Kathleen Barnes – 4th Place

STR: Mark Dudek – 4th Place

STR: William Koscielny – 5th Place

The full list of ALL RESULTS from Solo Nationals, as well as all NER RESULTS are available to download.

The ladies of ESPL! Becca Nell and Jojo Corrales-Kean 1st and 2nd in class!

Photo by PJ Corrales

“I am so proud of all the NER team— we were kind and proud and brought a large number of first time nationals Drivers.” ~ Kathy Barnes

Photo by Pam Davis

SCCA recognized 11 people who were attending Nationals for their 35+ year. 5 were from New England Region.

Check out ALL THE VIDEOS uploaded onto YouTube from Nationals.