RESULTS: 2019 Stirling Moss Runoff

Final results from the Stirling Moss Runoff solo event for 2019 are now available. Stirling Moss Official Results Congratulations to Todd Kean - the 2019 Stirling Moss Runoff Champion! Final Overall Points Standings 2019 Season Results Winter Tire Takedown #1 Springtime Conage #2 Solo Airways #3 Dodging Orange #4 Speedway Slalom #5 Cone-A-Thon #6 Scorched Orange #7 Attack of the Cones #8 Orange Crush #9

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2019 Tire Rack Solo Nationals: By the Numbers

Every year, drivers come from far and wide to compete in the Tire Rack SCCA® Solo® Nationals. And each year Solo’s “official-unofficial” historian, Rocky Entriken tracks the results of each in his Solo Stats book.  Entriken began the book as personal notes for writing the official SportsCar coverage of the event, something he has done every year since 1973 and the first Solo Nationals. Since then, it has come to be the record of every driver to compete and the authoritative account of event achievement, recording everything from winning streaks to margins of victory -- and a bit of a favorite for the Solo stats nerds in the community. So, without further ado, on to the numbers:   0.010 seconds - That is the margin of victory for Eric Stoltz in STS over Emanuel Martin. It is also the smallest margin of victory for the event. On the flip side, Mike Leeder’s win in DS was not only the largest of the event, but also a new record for any class with more than 50 entries, with a time of 2.608 seconds.   4 - The new, all-time number of women to win an open Championship, with Tamra Krystinik taking the win in [...]

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