New for 2021: Driver SCCA Patches

Attention Road Racing Drivers New rules for 2021 require drivers to have a black or white SCCA patch on their driver suit. According to the 2020 SCCA Road Racing General Competition Rules: Under Section 9 Cars and Equipment - 9.3.29 C. SCCA Logo Each driver’s suit shall display one of the official SCCA patch as shown (black or white). It is preferred that the logo be placed on the upper right side of the driver’s suit. The new patch is required as of January 1, 2021. Order Patches and other NER Merchandise Drivers needing to obtain these patches can order them through Donna Stevens. The NER Merchandise Order form is available here. Print, select the items to purchase, and mail directly to Donna. When purchasing the new patches, be sure and check out all the other patches, decals, apparel and lapel pins that are available.

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