Region Information

The New England Region SCCA is a diverse group of people united in their love of cars and racing.  We understand that the toughest part of getting involved in a new organization is not knowing anyone, so we do our best to make guests feel as welcome as possible.  We realize that you probably have many questions about how to participate with us. How much does it all cost, where do I go, do I need a license, what class is my car in, and many other questions are answered in this free online resource

Ways to indulge your passion

Autocross takes a large parking lot or airport, makes a mini road course with cones and sees who can get through it the quickest.  Click here for info on Autocross.

RallyCross is like autocross, but on off-road. Speeds and danger are minimized while fun is maximized.  Click here for info on RallyCross.

RoadRally is a scenic drive with a purpose. Find a friend and see the sights, all while traveling precise routes in a precise amount of time.  Click here for info on RoadRally.

Track Events include everything from the relaxed, non-competitive Track Night in America to Time Trials, where the goal is to see who can turn the fastest lap.  Click here for info on Time Trials. –  Click here for info on Track Night.

Road Racing is wheel-to-wheel racing where drivers go door-to-door to see who can make it to the finish line first.  If you choose, you could make it all the way to the top and be recognized on a truly elite list as a champion of the SCCA Club Racing National Championship Runoffs®.  Click here for info on Club Racing.

Volunteers are not paid, not because they are worthless but because they are priceless.” – Anonymous.  Each event has a huge amount of planning behind the scenes.  The people who do that planning are volunteers.  Our volunteers are what makes our club so special.  Without our volunteers, there would be no racing.  Click here for info on Volunteering.

If any of these look interesting to you, find an event on our calendar and come check it out.  Feel free to post in our forum or contact any of our region leaders if you have any questions.