2024 Sound Requirements: 87dbA @ 75ft on course

In order to comply with our new contract with Devens Airfield, the final sound requirements have been determined. As we have previously explained, over the last year, there were numerous complaints about sound that have endangered NER’s use of the Devens facility. Thankfully, our partnership with MassDevelopment allowed us to continue using the site for 2024.

Our new sound regulation will be 87dbA @ 75ft on course.

Note that the vast majority of cars last year passed this level and few were near the limit. In the spirit of transparency and all things data, Eric Scholz, our sound chief, has put together this google drive for those who are curious, this shows all cars that were above 84dbA @ 75ft last year.

Additional Details

  • The event staff still have discretion to remove a car from the event for sound even if they are under the limit per the readings. (ie, don’t lift at the sound meter and think you are okay).
  • Sound violations are per car and unless there was a mechanical failure causing the sound violation, the car will not be permitted to continue. Only mechanical failures of a component will allow the competitor to fix the issue and continue competing. Cars are required to show up to the event in compliance with the policy. This is a zero tolerance policy to ensure we have continued use of the site. (Updated 3/15/24)
  • We will also be taking sound measurements above ambient at the far end of the runway, those too have become more strict as we are not to be more than 8 dbA above ambient and last year it was 10dbA above.

Thank you for your patience surrounding this new sound regulation and we hope to see everyone at Moore Field in a few weeks! We will be updating our supps to reflect this new change.

NER Solo Co Chairs