2024 Solo Event Schedule

The dates for the 2024 NER Autocross season have been finalized. For 2024, in addition to a full regional points season, NER’s team will be hosting both a ProSolo AND a National Tour, which is extremely exciting. Break out the calendars, and mark down the schedule for this year:

Points Events – All at Devens Airfield

4/7 Points Event #1
4/28 Points Event #2
5/19 Points Event #3
6/1 Points Event #4
7/14 Points Event #5
8/11 Points Event #6
8/25 Points Event #7
9/22 Points Event #8

Non-Points Events

6/7,8,9 SCCA National ProSolo @ Brunswick Executive Airport
6/14,15,16 SCCA National Tour @ Brunswick Executive Airport
6/30 TBD – Potential Evo School
10/13 Stirling Moss Challenge @ Devens
11/2 – TBD
11/3 – TBD

ATTENTION: New Sound Requirements

For the 2024 season, there will be new and potentially more restrictive sound requirements at Devens. We nearly lost Devens for the 2024 season and it took a collective effort from all the club chairs to show the impact autocross makes on the local community. MassDev, who owns Devens and the redevelopment efforts in the area, will be issuing new regulations for all clubs with regard to sound. Further, they have reserved the right to change those regulations as the year progresses. All efforts will be made to communicate these changes to participants far in advance.

As you prepare for the season, please consider adding additional muffling or changing up your exhaust system. Cars that previously passed may NOT pass with the new regulations and those regulations may change as the year evolves. Bring turn downs, bring steel wool, bring whatever you need to quiet down your car. NER SCCA Co-Chairs will have discretion to remove a car even if that car is not violating the meter but still produces annoying sounds (ie, burble/pop/bang tunes).

We are considering new regional supplemental rules that would further punish sound violators, we may consider DNFing runs where the sound is over the limit. Additionaly, we may record sound for all runs to ensure people don’t flip a switch to be loud after the sound recordings have been finished.

Basically, quiet your car down and you will not run afoul of these new rules.

Thank you and we look forward to a great 2024 season!