Flagging Life: How F&C has Changed Through the Years

Written by: Dave Rodman My, what a difference a few decades can make -- obviously in any aspect of life -- but particularly in my experience, when it comes to "flagging and communications" or "F&C" as it's known in race track shorthand. But the first thing you ought to understand -- and the coolest aspect of the game, particularly if you're reading this site -- is that the SCCA is the portal to an arena that the imagination hardly does justice to. Whether you're an SCCA member or not, checking event schedules should be easily accomplished. Whether you're interested in Club racing, performance or TSD rallying, autocross or rallycross there's an event you can attend. Finding a contact person should be as easy as finding an event. Heck, if you're stuck contact me and I'll get you pointed in the right direction. For me, being an SCCA flagger was my invitation to work events in F1, IndyCar, IMSA and NASCAR. SCCA itself opened the door to professional Formula Atlantic, Trans-Am and Can-Am. Even this week, in the aftermath of an SCCA Majors event at my home track in Thompson, Conn., came an invitation to flag a Formula E Grand Prix in [...]

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SCCA – It’s a Lifestyle

"SCCA, it's a lifestyle." Ain't it the truth! Childhood is special when one never grows up, but accrues all the wisdom and experience of adulthood, tempered with a child's reverent wonder. SCCA membership can foster that. And that never-ending childhood is particularly wonderful when you can engage in a pastime as a relatively young person -- and rapturously fall in love with it... And then carry it on, and on, and on -- as long as you can walk, talk and think. SCCA can definitely enable that. And even if you get torn asunder from this passionate activity for 20 years through an inevitable passage through the harsh realities of adulthood... Only to revert back, with that patented childlike glee -- but this time truly fortified with an adult's wisdom, well, that's akin to perfection. As strange as it sounds, it's true -- because it's exactly what I've experienced. And as you might've figured, the SCCA was an integral part. Ancient history is always relevant because 1) it should've taught us lessons and 2) it's the foundation on which we currently rest. Thank God SCCA is part of my good ole days. My racing history started in 1960 at what we today [...]

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