Future Runoffs Class Criteria Established

TOPEKA, Kan. (May 16, 2018) -- Planning for the potential expansion of Runoffs-eligible classes in the Summit Racing Equipment SCCA® Road Racing program, Sports Car Club of America's Board of Directors approved a process by which classes would be selected for future National Championship Runoffs® events. The new process will provide each class an opportunity to guarantee its invitation based on its respective entry total over the previous two seasons. Beginning in 2019, any Runoffs-eligible class averaging 4.0 cars per event over the two previous U.S. Majors Tour® and Runoffs seasons will automatically be invited to the Runoffs. Additional classes will be added as venue space and event format allow. Eric Prill, SCCA Vice President and COO, said this new method provides a clear, understandable and transparent process for participants to have control over their class destiny, should the number of classes and run groups need to be limited at future Runoffs. "Planning the Runoffs is a delicate balance of providing a championship event, a significant motorsports atmosphere and a quality experience all while being respectful of everyone's time and resources," Prill noted. "For Sonoma [2018] and VIR [2019], we have shortened the time commitment by two days total [...]