Tire Rack Time Trials Nationals Wraps on Sunday

BOWLING GREEN, Kentucky (September 29, 2019) – The Tire Rack Time Trials Nationals Powered by Hagerty crowned champions on Sunday at NCM Motorsports Park after 194 entries competed to post the quickest combined TrackSprint, Saturday afternoon lap, and Sunday lap in an event that focused on the SCCA experience and comradery as much as the competition.

The event combined performance driving – with competitor experience levels ranging from Novice to Advanced and cars that covered the gamut from daily drivers to track specials – and the fun of a four-day cars and coffee. From the start, the tone of the event was focused on the experience even while drivers tried to improve their lap times with coaching.

Drivers were welcomed with the Holley Performance Day and Welcome Party on Thursday, an impromptu and unofficial potluck on Friday night, and the Hagerty All-Participant Party on Saturday evening. With three hours and 50 minutes of total track time available for all four days, plus two runs at the TrackSprint portion of the track, participants and cars were tested throughout a hot, sunny weekend.

All of that track time wrapped with the KONI Podium Celebration on Sunday evening. Holley Performance, who provided each and every entered participant with a free Thursday test day, handed out specialty trophies to Stephen Lee (Fastest Front-Wheel Drive Ford), Eric Hauck (Fastest Rear Wheel Drive Ford), and John D’Angelo (Most Improved Ford). Grassroots Motorsports and Classic Motorsports magazines awarded trophies to Tony Marchev (True Grassroots competitor), Mike Breakey (Fastest Classic), and Eric Ingram (Ultimate Innovation Award). Ingram’s Ultimate Innovation Award includes an invitation to the Tire Rack Ultimate Track Car Challenge.

SCCA’s awards presented by KONI included a trip to the podium for Tom O’Gorman (Top Time Street Legal), Chris Ingle (Top Time Overall), Matt Colley (Top Time Driven to Event), Dan Dennehy (Spirit of Time Trials), Perry Elwood (Workers’ Choice), and Keegan Stabley (Top Novice).

Class winners are listed below:

Unlimited 1: Chris Ingle, SRT Viper
Unlimited 2: Bowie Gray, Mazda RX-8
Max 1: Matt Colley, Chevrolet Corvette
Max 2: Perry Ellwood, Mazda RX-8
Max 3: Dallas Reed, Mazda RX-8
Tuner 1: Tom O’Gorman, Chevrolet Camaro
Tuner 2: John Laughlin, Tesla 3
Tuner 3: Brian Matteucci, Chevrolet Camaro
Tuner 4: Tony Rodriguez, Honda S2000
Tuner 5: Christopher Finnigan, Mazda Miata
Sport 1: Casey Henry, Chevrolet Camaro
Sport 2: John Roeder, Porsche 911
Sport 3: Michael Janssen, Honda Civic
Sport 4: Hiroshi Witt, Subaru WRX
Sport 5: Andy Hollis, Mazda MX-5
Sport 6: Benjamin Bunk, Subaru BRZ
Prepped 1: Jason Hobbs, Chevrolet Corvette
Prepped 2: Michael Spencer, Ford Mustang
Prepped 3: Anthony Leclerc, Alfa Romeo 4C
Prepped 4: Gary Bennett, Honda Civic