SCCA is for Family

It doesn’t take long to find a second, or even third-generation of SCCA racers at an event. With a 70+ year history, SCCA has long been an organization that prides itself on being a family, and that includes making sure our younger members have a way to grow up and continue our love of motorsports.

Bottom line – kids are welcome at our events. We love seeing smiling, young, enthusiastic faces where we can foster a heart for competition, offer a safe outlet to test their limits, and develop the future racers of tomorrow.

Teen Involvement

Don’t assume you have to be over 21 to compete in SCCA events. NOT THE CASE! In fact, we make it possible for teens as young as 14 to get on track, start competing, and become a part of the action.

Whether it’s chasing cones on a Solo course, getting a Novice permit for Road Racing or RallyX, setting lap times at Track Nights or Time Trials, or waving flags on corners – there’s a lot of ways for teens to get involved.

The above chart breaks it down simply. To summarize:

  • Minors under 18 are welcome to spectate at any SCCA event. So bring the kids and let them watch!
  • Getting in a car for a “ride along” – sitting in the passenger seat while another driver competes – can happen at Solo, TNiA, RallyX and Road Rally events.
  • Want to be the competitor? Starting as young as 14, there are pathways to get teen drivers racing licenses, on the track as volunteers, and behind the wheel.

Need More Info

For more details on the specifics of teen participation at SCCA events, visit the NER Minor Under 18 page where it breaks down the details, provides links to licensing requirements, and directs to the minor waivers which is always the first step.

Minors – Under 18 Details