2022 Track Volunteers Needed

The 2022 NERRC season is about to begin. The organization, management, and running of these events takes a tremendous amount of manpower, and is done exclusively through our network of club volunteers. BUT WE NEED MORE HELP!

With our growing number of competitors, we need even more volunteers to staff all the specialties to ensure events operate efficiently and smoothly, as well as safely. Here’s how you can help.


Grab a friend, neighbor or family member and bring them with you to the next event. When not watching and cheering on your sessions on track, ask if they’d like to get closer to the action and volunteer for a session or two in one of our specialties.


Our track volunteers get up close to all the action. When sharing your racing stories, also share that non-drivers can still be right in the midst of it all when volunteering at events.


Print off one of the attached flyers and post it at your work, business, or favorite coffee shop. Anywhere people who like having #funwithcars might see it.


Share our NER.org/Volunteer link to your social media accounts to raise awareness of all the ways people can get involved in racing, beyond simply sitting behind the wheel.

Track Volunteer Flyer
Track Volunteer Tri-Fold Brochure

Volunteer Opportunities

The only requirement to volunteer at an NER Club Racing event is a willingness to learn. But some might wonder – do I have to commit to the entire weekend? Or even the entire day? Great question! The simple answer is NO. Many of our specialties operate just in the mornings, or evenings, or only at the start of the event. And in many cases, we can use volunteers for half a day, or just a session or two. Bottom line – tell us what area interests you and we’ll work with your availability to get you involved. (But fair warning – once you get a taste of the action, you’ll want to stick around longer!)

Track Side Support

This worker takes a position along the course and uses flags and hand signals to communicate track conditions to each driver. This position serves as first responder to any incident on the course, maintains the link between race control and the drivers, and keeps the fun moving at all times. These people go home dirty.

There are three sub-specialties in Emergency Services. If you have training in medical response, fire fighting or vehicle recovery expertise, you can put your specialized skills to work by providing crucial event support. While there is nothing fun about emergency situations, these folks are the lifesavers. You may like overseeing activity in the paddock, at the start, on the course and in the pits. Course Marshals get their face next to the race, snort the fumes, keep it real.

If your idea of fun is to have all eyes focused intently on you while you savor your moment of total control, you’ll have great fun being a starter. The starter also calls the end of the race, and is hooked into the communications network throughout.

Grid workers organize race cars for their race or session and check safety gear as the drivers prepare themselves. Pit workers guide cars in and out of the hot pit and to impound when necessary.

Race Officials

Scrutineers get real fun when they’re poking around under the hood. Pre-race safety inspections, preparation compliance, post-race inspections, mechanical teardowns. If you like to stick your nose in stuff, and know how it works, this is the job for you.

Want to have the most comfortable seat at the track – A/C in summer and heat in early spring and late fall? Want to be one of the first to know who has the fastest time, won the race or simply how your favorite driver is doing? Then you need to check out Timing and Scoring!

T&S Needs Include:

  • Computer Operator – Monitor the scoring system to make sure all cars register properly and update car/driver/transponder information as necessary.
  • Tapers record the sequence in which the cars cross the timing line on the scoring tapes. There are 3-8 tapers per session.
  • Collators collect the scoring tapes and provide them to the computer operator to verify all cars were scored properly in the computer system.
  • Lap Charters, using the scoring tapes, record what position each car was in on each lap.
  • Distribution – Photocopy and Post the provisional and official results for the drivers, crew, and other race officials.

The registrar is the intake person. Meet and greet arriving participants and issue and verify their credentials. Be the first official face they see, point them to where they need to be and make sure everyone gets started on the right track.

Run the show. Make sure everyone is doing what they’re supposed to be doing. Verify that everyone knows the rules and follows the rules. Keep everyone safe. Solve problems. Make sure everyone gets real fun.

Sound Control is responsible for monitoring and reporting sound levels of all racing vehicles at sound-controlled events.

Racers, crew, officials and workers alike look forward to the comradery of the post race festivities provided by the club. Hospitality volunteers help the Race Chairman arrange food, libations and other supplies for the events.

The Perks

Besides getting up close and personal with all the cars, side-by-side action, and interacting with our racing community, there are a few additional perks to being a NER road racing volunteer. Both NER and SCCA offer worker incentive programs that help offset the costs of club memberships, provide meals, and offer other benefits to our dedicated team members that make our events possible.

FREE SCCA MEMBERSHIP (New England Region only)

First time worker volunteer receives a free trial membership valid for the weekend.

Second time worker volunteer receives a weekend membership at no charge valid for the weekend.

On the third weekend, a worker volunteer receives a one full year SCCA membership – a $70 value. (In order to qualify, one must volunteer for 3 weekends during a 24-month period. This is all done through Registration when you sign up at the event.)

Meals Provided

Free lunch each day or a $10.00 allowance for the track concessions. Free dinner the first night of the event.

Track Reimbursement Plan (TRPS)

TRPS coupons are distributed to worker volunteers at the end of each day. They can be accumulated and redeemed toward New England Region merchandise, membership, or for pre-paid bank cards.

SCCA Volunteer Incentive Program

VIP credits are earned through National SCCA. Workers self-report days worked at eligible SCCA-sanctioned events in order to earn discounts through the member portal at my.scca.com. Earned discount will be applied automatically to the next membership renewal.

4-5 days worked, $15 membership discount

6-7 days worked, $22 membership discount

8-11 days worked, $30 membership discount

12 or more days worked, $45 membership discount

Various other worker gifts are available throughout the year

Get Started

If you’re interested in trying out one of our volunteer specialties – let’s get started! 2022 has a full season of events starting in just a few weeks. Reach out to one of our volunteer or road racing coordinators and they will get you connected and ready to go.

Andrew Benagh – Assistant RE

Eileen McStay – Flag Chief

JB Swan- Club Racing Chair

2022 NERRC Club Racing Schedule