Autocross Drivers Re-Build LeGrand Dragon

As most racers know – winter is for building and prepping racecars for the coming season. Two years ago, we followed JB Swan and Steve Introne as they both set out to build new B-Spec cars for Road Racing. This season, we’re following Tamra and Andrew Krystinik from the Autocross program. Both very familiar faces in our Solo world, Tamra is also a reigning Pro Solo National Champion.

The pair have been autocrossing since 2015, primarily in a Mazda RX8 in the DSP category. However – baby makes 3 – and a little boy will be joining the race team in April. When asked how they would adapt their weekend race trailer to accommodate the newest family member, the couple decided that instead of buying a bigger trailer, they would simply build a smaller car.

Welcome to their B-Mod Build.

YouTube Series

When the idea arose, there were lots of questions and interest from friends and fellow racers on what and how they’d tackle this new challenge. Per Andrew, “We bought a Factory Five 818 kit a while ago, and that was our first experience learning how to build an engine, weld, and put a car together.” Since this was going to be a continued learning experience for them, they figured might as well document the process and put a YouTube series of videos together that others could reference.

Welcome to the SCCA B-Mod Autocross YouTube Channel.

In the first video, get to meet Tamra and Andrew. They share more details on their background, as well as get into some of the nitty gritty on the plans for this B-Mod build.

There are already 3 additional videos, including a test run at a BMW Club event, a walk-through of the Mk25 Legrand Dragon before they start the tear down, and discussion and CAD drawings of the OSGiken engine they plan to build and fit into the car.

Throughout the winter of 2023, more videos will be developed. With the start of the Solo season, and baby Krystinik arrival, coming quickly in the next three months, there’s plenty of work and prep to do. Stay tuned, as Pit Talk will be sure to share additional videos as they are produced. Then make it to the 2023 NER Solo season events to watch these drivers tear it up.

Into to the Project


Mk25 Legrand Dragon Walk-Through

OSGiken Design