This March, SCCA’s Women on Track introduce the trailblazers, work horses, and speed demons who have left their marks on SCCA or are watchable role models for kids right now.

Follow along as we honor the women at your track, behind the wheel and behind the scenes, and appreciate and thank them for their impact and passion in all areas of the SCCA. Daily posts will be made on the SCCA Women on Track Facebook Page.

Jojo Corrales-Kean kicked off NER’s representation in Round 1.

Next up is Stephanie Reeve!

Stephanie Reeve

New England Region

RallyCross & Solo

14-year member

Besides being an amazing person, Steph is an amazing driver. She has been an accomplished SCCA Pro Solo competitor for many years, even winning a Driving Forward Together ProSolo Contingency in 2021. She also does Karoppi Reports from events. She added RallyCross to her resume a few years ago when a fellow competitor let her drive their car at a local event. She enjoyed it so much, she co-drove at the New England Region’s Rallysprints. That experience built her confidence enough to step up to a full stage rally and ran the New England Forest Rally in 2021. She has since bought and prepped her own VW Rabbit for stage rally.

Steph is always pumping up those around here and encouraging them. “SCCA allows me have fun with my cars and my friends,” Reeve said. “I have opportunites to push beyond my comfort zone at my own pace or with some gentle pushes from those around me., and it’s been great!”