This March, SCCA’s Women on Track introduce the trailblazers, work horses, and speed demons who have left their marks on SCCA or are watchable role models for kids right now.

Follow along as we honor the women at your track, behind the wheel and behind the scenes, and appreciate and thank them for their impact and passion in all areas of the SCCA. Daily posts will be made on the SCCA Women on Track Facebook Page.

First up, is NER’s own Jojo Corrales-Kean.

SCCA WoT Round 1 Article

Jojo Corrales

New England Region
Autocross, RallyCross
10-year member

Jojo Corrales-Kean got her first taste of Autocross in 2010, after buying a MINI Cooper S, despite her brother PJ’s suggestion to buy an S2000. “I’m not going to buy a car just for Autocross,” she said. After doing just a handful of events, Jojo jumped into a full season of Autocross in 2012. Ten years later, she is on her second car trailer, second tow vehicle, and has competed in a countless number of cars in Autocross and Rallycross. She is fortunate to have access to her brother’s competitive cars, including the ESP Infiniti G35 and the SM Nissan 240SX (fondly known as “Panda”). Anyone who has competed in SM knows about the trials and tribulations that haunt competitors, but for Jojo, it was the “easy” strategy. In 2014, she brought her 4-month-old baby to Nationals to watch her hop in the driver seat of Panda, the same car that her husband Todd also happened to be competing in. In response to her brother’s suggestion to drive Panda, she commented: “I’m more street momma-fied than street modified”—and #streetmommafied was born. In 2017, you may have seen her at Nationals toting a 2-month-old baby on her back. People often ask Jojo how “she can do it all.” In addition to racing, she parents two kids and works a demanding job as a Senior VP at a medical communications agency. She acknowledges that she relies heavily on her “village,” which includes the “G-fab” crew, as well as the New England Region (NER). “It’s impossible to give 100% of your energy to multiple things at the same time,” she shared. ”It was a struggle to autocross when I needed to devote most of my energy to my kids. But I’m seeing myself grow as an autocrosser as the kids (now ages 4 and 7) get to be more independent.” Jojo was recently recognized by her region with a Gold Pass Award for being an amazing cheerleader and organizer for the club. For many years, she has been a leading presence on social media platforms, welcoming new members, and positively reinforcing member input. Every year, Jojo leads the planning for the region’s trip to Nationals. This planning includes designing and creating NER t-shirts to unify members at the event and organizing the region paddock to encourage camaraderie. She has been known to consistently bring a solidly themed team to the region’s annual Team Challenge Event, showing her spirit for the club. Her friendly personality contributes to her popularity as a Novice coach.

Jojo is grateful to be part of the SCCA autocross community and also enjoys having something she can legitimately blame on her brother (who also introduced her to her husband). “My family is literally a result of autocross, and I got into autocross because of my family. Now my autocross family is my family.”