I hope there’s a ribbon of pavement, starter’s stand, a set of flags, headset, and cars racing by where he’s gone to – that’ll be how I remember him. Despite our mutually progressing age(!), every day, John brought his sort of youthful exuberance to Lime Rock in whatever car-toy he’d choose to drive, always a good word, never a low day. Like we should all have fun in our passing time. He was still the fun kid he was all those years ago, I can tell. In conversation during track down-time, he’d meet you at whatever intellectual level you brought to the table; knowledgeable with good-natured ease, but was at home and equally competent managing the flagger controls during the daily mega-miles of on-track action, cars hurtling by. That’s where I picture him. He’ll be missed.

Bob Green – President

Executive Director Survive the Drive.Org