Written By Jon Lamkins

Event: Rally Against Leukemia presented by RockAuto.com

Date: August 6, 2022

Rallymasters: Jon and Kelli Lamkins

The Rally program once again joined the Racing program at New Hampshire Motor Speedway on Saturday, August 6th during Race Against Leukemia Weekend with its Rally Against Leukemia (RAL) presented by RockAuto.com event.

As in past years, RAL was a shortest distance GTA (Game-Tour-Adventure) event. Five teams started this yeas event and received a list of 9 questions and a New Hampshire Lakes region map. Teams goal was to find the question location on the map then visit the question locations to find the answers in the fewest miles. The nine questions were located Northwest of the track. One possible route to find the questions was:

  • (Q4) Near Belmont, NH town library, learn about the Mill Bell
  • (Q6) Find Slim Baker lodge of Route 3A just south of Bristol, NH
  • (Q3) Find Mill Stream Park along Route 3A between Bristol and Bridgewater, NH to learn about the Railroad that once connected Bristol and Franklin, NH
  • (Q9) Grey Rock Conservation in Hebron along Newfound Lake to find a bench
  • (Q7) Go to Plymouth State university to find that Draper & Maynard Company made the first ever catcher’s mitt.
  • (Q2) Visit Blair Bridge to find out who built it and that the bridge it replaced had been destroyed by arsonists.
  • (Q8) Travel along Route 25B to find a sign about the original Town of Centre Harbour Town Pound
  • (Q1) In Center Harbor, find out who founded Belknap College and how many years it was in existence
  • (Q5) Locate Oakland Cemetery in the vicinity of Meredith Center to discover who the flag pole was dedicated to.

At the end of the event Ed and Liz Kotowski scored the victory with a score of 104.1 over Scott and Kathy Beliveau who had a score of 125.46. Everyone finished the event with Question 5 (Oakland Cemetery) stumping some of the teams.

Thanks to everyone that came out to support the cause and to all the volunteers that helped make the event a success.