RAL Donation Exceeds $17,000

The economy may be uncertain, inflation rising, and everything feels like it just costs more… but even with all of that, New England Region continues to be exorbitantly charitable and generous. Our 2022 fundraiser for Racing Against Leukemia, which supports children and families battling childhood cancers, is our biggest year to date.

With donations coming in from all programs, the final tally and check being sent is for $17,125. 

RAL 2022 took place over the August 6-7 weekend, with Road Racing and Rally each hosting events at NHMS, with the annual auction held Saturday night. Solo dedicated an event the week prior to RAL.

The breakdown on donations is outlined below. Thank you to every worker, driver, crew member, friend and family and made this possible.


$7927.88 cash

$625.00 checks




$700 Jeff Gordon Challenge

$1,000 season tickets

$972 in lieu of sanction/insurance

$328 donation from program



RAL Donations Through the Years

2017 – $10,017

2018 – $9,000

2019 – $15,000

2020 – $8,163

2021 – $14,000

2022 – $17,125

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