Midnight Madness Brings New Faces to our Worker Ranks

During the NERRC #6 event, the night race at Thompson, Greg Holt took a minute to get to know a few of the newest faces to our region that are stepping up to help in our volunteer specialties.

Here’s a quick run down of who they are, where they are from, and smiling photos so the next time you see them on a corner, in the grid, or anywhere around the track, a Hello and Welcome can be offered.

James Fisk

Hailing from Amherst, Massachusetts, James spent time at Devens Airfield autocrossing. When Ed Capullo put up a call for help on Facebook for the Midnight Madness event, he was excited for the opportunity to volunteer in Club Racing. James says he definitely plans to return.

Joe Pollisco

Joining us from Latham, NY, this is Joe’s 2nd year volunteering with SCCA. He came over to SCCA thanks to his his local BMW club. After attending a TNiA event working Pit, he then decided to check out the NER.org site. It was through the region website he contacted Karen Peterson and was invited to this year’s Paddock Crawl. After learning the do’s and don’ts, he is definitely hooked and plans to continue.

Brendan Welling

Another New Yorker, this time from New Windsor, Brendan got into volunteering through his dad who races (Tristan Welling). He was eager to flag the Midnight Madness event at Thompson, but did not make Connecticut’s age cut off. While he missed out on the night race, you may have seen him at NHMS on a corner waving flags.

Greg Deveres

Last, but not least, is a new driver from Northern New Jersey. Greg is a new racer to our area. He’s an up-and-coming driver, one that is looking for advice, support and any of the tips and tricks are veterans are willing to offer someone just getting started.

Racer or worker, all the new faces are bringing their love of motorsports and having #funwithcars to NER events – and we love it.

Remember: New Workers Earn Free Membership

Just a reminder, NER offers an incentive program for new volunteers to our club racing events. Volunteer for 3 weekends – and earn a FREE one-year membership, worth up to $95.

Weekend 1: Free Trial Membership (Valid for the weekend only.)
Weekend 2: Free Weekend Membership (Valid for the weekend only.)

All of the details on the new worker program, as well as the National/SCCA and NER/TRPs worker incentives are available here.