New Workers: Earn Free Membership

Thanks to a generous donation from one of our region members, NER is excited to roll out a new program that will provide free SCCA memberships to new volunteer workers in our club racing program.

The process is simple, and new workers can earn their FREE annual membership after just 3 weekends.

Weekend 1: Free Trial Membership (Valid for the weekend only.)

Weekend 2: Free Weekend Membership (Valid for the weekend only.)


Each of these memberships are provided by SCCA and NER at their cost, to make participating as a volunteer worker as easy as possible. New workers can get started in the club with no out-of-pocket membership costs!

If you, or someone you know, is considering getting involved in our club racing program and wants to try volunteering, this is a great way to get exposure to our road racing events, learn more about the our worker specialties, and potentially find a new way to have #funwithcars.

Earn Credits for Future Membership Fees

As workers continue to volunteer at events, both NER and SCCA offer incentive programs to help offset the costs of future membership dues and fees. When a membership is up for renewal, a combination of VIP credits from the National office, as well as TRPs (Track Reimbursement Program) coupons from NER, can be applied to lower the cost.

SCCA National VIP Credits: Workers self‐report days worked at eligible SCCA‐sanctioned events through the member portal at Earned discounts will be applied automatically to a membership renewal.

  • 4‐5 days worked = $15 Membership Discount
  • 6‐7 days worked = $22 Membership Discount
  • 8‐11 days worked = $30 Membership Discount
  • 12 or more days worked = $45 Membership Discount

NER TRP Coupons:  These are distributed by each specialty chief at an event. They can be used for NER merchandise, gas cards, as well as membership. Workers receive 1 TRP for each day worked (up to 3 total for a weekend, if working Friday, Saturday and Sunday.) Each coupon has a value of $8.

To use TRPs for all or part of membership renewals send the membership renewal form and TRP coupons to Paul Krysiak, the NER Membership Chairman. If the TRP coupons do not cover the full membership cost, the balance due is the responsibility of the member.

The Details

On the third weekend a worker volunteers, the region will process and pay for a full 1-year membership for that person. The value of that membership ranges from $65-$95 depending on age.

In order to be eligible for the free full year membership, the volunteer must complete the 3 weekends during a 24 month period.

Volunteers may work in any club racing specialty to qualify – this includes Timing & Scoring, Flagging & Communication, Scrutineering, Registration, Grid, Sound, etc.

Membership forms are available at the Registrar for each event, and should be completed and submitted to Registration for processing.