NER Brings Home 4 Titles

When our NER drivers pulled out of New England with their trailers in tow for the 2023 Solo Nationals at Lincoln Park in Kansas, they went prepared to battle both extreme competition, and extreme heat. The forecast called for temps in the triple digits for the entire week. Not weather northerners are used to handling, let alone racing in for a day, let alone for an entire week in September!

Thankfully, the massive heat wave broke mid-week, so those scheduled to complete on the Thursday/Friday schedule faced a completely different set of conditions then the Tuesday/Wednesday classes.

This year’s theme was Homecoming. The SoloNats teams from both the national office, and the regions across the country, celebrated the 50th Anniversary of the event. Marking the Golden Anniversary were a number of special experiences, museum displays, and personalized details – like name tags honoring each participant’s first year at SoloNats.

When the final cone was picked up at the end of another great week of record breaking competition, NER is pleased to announced that another 4 National Championship titles are coming home to New England. Please congratulate this year’s winners, all those who placed in trophy positions, and every one of the 1300+ drivers that showed up to make this week, and every SoloNats, one filled with many happy memories.

Here’s a few NER highlights from the week:

  • In additional to Todd Kean taking the title in Street Modified, NER also took the 2nd step on the podium as well with PJ Corrales falling just 0.763 seconds behind. This was also the 8th championship for the 1997 Nissan 240SX too!!
  • Over the last year, Andrew and Tamra Krystinik have been building a new B Mod Dragon. The 2023 NER Autocross season has allowed them to test and tune at our local events. Making its debut at Solo Nats, the couple took the 3rd and 4th trophy spots in the class with their car.
  • It’s also worth mentioning that the Krystiniks’ came with a new 5-month old baby in tow. SoloNats is truly a family affair, and pulling off a 3/4 place, in a new car, with a newborn, is no small feat. BTW, NER would like to welcome Tamra to the “B Mommafied” class now too.
  • Lastly, the couple was recognized with the Hagerty Keeping it Cool award for loaning their 2022 ProSolo/Championship winning DSP car out to the St. Marys.
  • Billy Davis, claimed his 7th national championship. In 2023, he did it by the smallest margin of victory he’s ever had. His STR winning final run only defeated second place by .004 seconds.
  • The D Street class was big and deep this year, with 79 drivers competing. Even with all that steep competition, Will Koscielny pulled out a 6th place finish, and Mark Daddio (previous national Champion) finished in 7th.
  • Bill and Jane Goodale, SCCA Hall of Famers, made the trip out just for the homecoming. While they did not complete this year, it is remarkable that Bill drove in 47 of the 50 national championship events.
  • Paul Kozlak was the answer to a trivia question at the Welcome Party – Who has the most consecutive trophies at Nationals?

Historic Vehicles

As part of the Homecoming theme, Kathy Barnes, Paul Krysiak and Fred White brought out a car that first made it’s debut back in 1991 at the Solo Nationals. That was 33 years ago. This E Prepared car was back to competition, after have been parked for 16 years! Paul and Fred piloted the Civic in EP, while Kathy was the sole competitor in EPL.

Then Ginette and Jinx Jordan’s E Stock CRX was on display at the Museum of American Speed where the 50th Anniversary reception was held. This car started life in NER, and competed in 20 National Championships events, winning 8 titles.

2023 Champions

2023 National Champions

Street Touring Sport Ladies – Melanie Kwong

Honda CRX Si, 0.617sec (first National Championship)

E Prepared Ladies – Kathy Barnes

Honda Civic, N/A (sixth Nationals win)

Street Touring Roadster – Billy Davis

Mazda Miata, 0.004sec (seventh National Championship, second in class)

Street Modified – Todd Kean

Nissan 240SX, 0.763sec (third National Championship, third in class)

2023 Trophy Winners

Super Street R – 3rd place – Lynne Rothney-Kozlak

Street Touring Xtreme – 9th place – Evan LeBlanc

Street Modified – 2nd place – PJ Corrales

B Modified – 3rd place – Tamra Krystinik

B Modified – 4th place – Andrew Krystinik

D Street – 6th place – William Koscielny

D Street – 7th place – Mark Daddio

Street Touring Sport – 7th place – Brandon Dean

Street Touring Sport – 10th place – Brandon Dryer

Super Street Prepared – 5th place – Grant Reeve

Kathy Barnes – EPL*

Billy Davis – STR

Melanie Kwong – STSL

Todd Kean – SM

WOT Explodes

The first year Women on Track put on a brunch at the Solo Nationals event, maybe 20 people showed up. Two years later, more than 200 gathered at Lincoln Park to celebrate, plan and support women in racing.

The growth has been both phenomenal, and exponential. And in no small part thanks to many of the NER women who contributed to helping make this as big as it has become. In particular, NER’s Jojo Corrales-Kean and Tamra Krystinik, who are on the WOT Solo Committee. The group started with ideas like the Pay it Forward Program, Ladies Bump Class, the Mentorship Program, and the Driver Development Program when it began. It was a lot, but look what the results became.

This year, even while planning for extras, the WOT brunch at SoloNats ran out of food, bingo cards and corsages. So many ladies showed up that were not even registered. It was wonderful. I think it’s safe to say, they’re going to plan for even bigger next year. And if they run out again – well, that’s a good problem to have!

Photos by Rupert Berrington, SoloMatters/National Office, and NER Autocrossers