Written by Ryan Nielson

The second SCCA Time Trial for Connecticut Autocross and Rally Team is in the books!

37 drivers took to the course on Saturday at Palmer Motorsports Park and tamed the tight and twisty turns offered by the 2.3 mile track. The day started out with wet pavement in the morning but the sun got ever brighter throughout the day and dried the track for higher speeds for all drivers. We had a wide range of speed and class of car from Teslas to Maseratis and everything in between.

Michael Smith and Ryan Creaturo made sure all cars were safe to be on track and everyone had proper safety equipment while Paul Gosselin, Chris Fuhrmann and Adrian Charubin assured that times and transponders were in working order. The Mohawk-Hudson SCCA region was present and offered their decades of experience to offer assistance and train others to improve for future Time Trials. DJ McArdle, Salvatore Baisley, Adam Wright and Aashish C Vemulapalli were invaluable to the success of the event and made sure all drivers knew no question would go unanswered.

Everyone had a good time and for the first time we welcomed Miguel Santos with RAD STALLIONS, who hosted an 80s and 90s car show that offered attendees an even wider range of cars to witness. Everyone stayed safe throughout the day and one novice SCCA member got a sign off for a driving school on his SCCA Road Racing Novice Permit. The day ended with parade laps for car show attendees and a group photo on the front stretch of the 8 year old course.

The final Time Trial event of the year for CART and NER is coming up in 3 weeks. If you have already taken advantage of CART’s Track Pack deal then you are getting ample track time, provided transponders and all day coaching for a big savings. Registration is open to join us September 16th at Thompson Speedway. Registration links are all available at 2023 Time Trials Schedule.