Historic 50th Anniversary of Solo Nats

Once again, NER will be one of the largest regions attending Solo Nats with 40 drivers towing to Lincoln, Nebraska this week. Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the event, this week is poised to be a memorable one for the 1300-plus competitors. their crew, friends and families attending this momentous occasion.

The demand for this year has been unprecedented. Registration for SoloNats sold out in just a few hours (best guess is under 4.) Registration for the Finale was sold out in minutes. Literally, if you snoozed, you lose. Some of our NER drivers are wait-listed and hoping last minute cancellations will open up spots for others to get in.

Test and tune will begin on Friday and proceed through the weekend, with the Opening Ceremonies and National Competition starting at 8:15am (CDT) on Tuesday, Sept 6. Stay tuned here on Pit Talk, the NER Autocross Facebook page, and the Solo Matters SCCA Facebook page for updates and highlights throughout the week.

In 2022, NER brought home 2 National Champions – Mark Daddio and Ginette Jordan, plus ProSolo Champions Billy Davis and Tamra Hunt Krystinik. In 2021, there were 5 National Champions – Grant Reeve, Todd Kean, Billy Davis, Becca Nell and Ginette Jordan. Will any of these drivers repeat in 2023? Who else might rise to the top? Stay tuned as we watch all the action play out next week.

As of today, here’s the list of NER competitors for the 2023 Solo Nationals.

Event Details

Dates: September 5-8, 2023

Location: Lincoln Airpark

Run/Work Order

Daily Activities/Themes

2023 NER Drivers

Andrew Krystinik
Anne Vincent
Billy Davis
Bob Davis
Brandon Dean
Brandon Dryer
Chris St.Mary
Derek White
Evan Leblanc
Fred White

Ginette Jordan
Grant Reeve
Gregory Vincent
Heather Ciribassi
Jim Garry
Jinx Jordan
Jojo Corrales-Kean
Jon Warlof
Josh Brockman
Kathy Barnes
Ken Hurd
Liz White

Mark Daddio
Mark Ponusky
Melanie Kwong
Pat Salerno
Paul Kozlak
Paul Krysiak
PJ Corrales
Robert Barone
Shawn Pan
Stephanie Reeve
Tamra Krystinik
Todd Kean
Will Koscielny

NER Team Shirts

The “HomecoNing Queen” herself, Jojo Corrales-Kean, once again came through with the NER team shirts for this year. As it’s a Homecoming theme, there was no PUNNY twist to the group design, just Jojo’s own outfit. Here’s the classic back-to-school vibe our drivers will be wearing on Wednesday, and we cannot wait to see the SoloNats group shot that highlights the size of our program, and the family of NER autocrosses.

Special 50th Anniversary Events – Not to Miss

With it being the Golden Anniversary, the SCCA National office has added in special events throughout the week. Here’s a list of what competitors can experience and enjoy.

  • The Museum of American Speed in Lincoln will have a new SCCA exhibit focused on the 50th Solo National Championships. Discount admission tickets will be available to Solo Nationals participants for use during normal Museum hours. On Thursday evening (Sept. 7), the Museum will be open to SCCA members for a private showing of the exhibit and all other Museum displays.
  • The Museum of American Speed will host a special showing and presentation on Tuesday evening, Sept 5, for those purchasing a limited availability 50th Anniversary Package that will also include additional premiums.
  • All 50th Solo Nationals entrants will receive a personalized memento indicating their first year at Nationals.
  • A 50th anniversary display in a building adjacent to the Solo Nationals paddock will feature items of historical significance, including cars, apparel, decals, memorabilia, photos, videos, and more.
  • Don’t miss the Monday night Welcome Party on Sept. 4, where special recognitions will abound!
  • Bonus: An “Index of Seniority” is being developed to encourage entrants from the first few decades of the Solo Nationals to rejoin the fun, as well as those who have “only” been away for a decade or two.