Temperatures have dropped and the snow is starting to pile up! It’s that time of year where we all cozy up at home for our favorite winter activities- hot chocolate drinking, fireside sitting, and booking travel for Convention!!! With many airlines running special sales for Cyber Monday, it’s the perfect time to get your flights locked down and your registration finalized. With just under 2 months to go until our VegasVacation Convention, if you haven’t thought about your travel plans yet, now is a good time to start. Maybe now is the time to plan to stay an extra night to see that Vegas show you’ve always wanted to check out!

As we start our 75th year, the SCCA Convention sets the tone for the whole season to come. We’re working hard to make this the event that launches the Club and its leadership forward in 2019. The Convention is for EVERYONE, but it is particularly beneficial for our Leaders. If you are one, or you’re looking to become one, you should be here.

Here are the TOP FIVE REASONS for Region Leaders to attend:

  • This is IMPORTANT! This is where it all begins, where voices are heard and decisions made. Be the first to hear the Club’s strategic objectives and goals for the coming year, and learn ways to forward the SCCA Mission, Vision, and Values
  • Your REGION will benefit! Develop your leadership skills. Network with Leaders from across the country. Learn to identify and encourage talent and potential within your Region to build stronger leadership and a better future
  • Your PROGRAMS will benefit! Develop your organization, marketing, and communication skills. Develop strategies and tools to market your Region, programs and events for your Members
  • Your MEMBERS will benefit! Better communication, understanding, and teamwork will build trust and a better Member experience, which means happier Members and positive word-of-mouth
  • YOU will benefit! You are a Leader. You stepped up and said you want to make this a better Club. We want to help you do this, and to do that we need you here. While you’re here, have FUN with your fellow Members and Leaders!

Speaking of FUN, we’ll work hard but also play hard in fabulous Las Vegas! There will be social events like the Welcome Party, karting, and the most outrageous competition of the year – the Pinewood Derby! Join us for a “NEW and IMPROVED” SCCA Hall of Fame Induction, and an autocross event Sunday morning with “special classing!” Throughout the event, you’ll get to mix and mingle with some of the most accomplished and influential people in American Motorsport. And we’ll begin our year-long celebration of our 75th Diamond Anniversary!

Don’t miss out! Register here!