Sign Annual Waivers NOW Digitally Through

New for 2022, the SCCA National office has rolled out digital electronic waivers for all annual waivers. This includes both adults and minors. Members can also download copies of the membership cards, with the annual waiver disclaimer as well, once processed and approved.

The process is simple.

  • Log into
  • Go to and open the “Online Store”
  • Add “Annual Waiver Adult” to the cart
  • Sign
  • Upload a Photo
  • Check out

Once the process is completed, you will receive an email that your annual waiver is being processed. Once finalized, the new membership card can be accessed on the “My Profile” page, the annual waiver noted under “My Licenses”.

**Make sure your fully CHECK OUT to complete the process.** A receipt with order number will confirm you are done.

Annual MINOR Waivers

The process to get an annual waiver for minors is similar, but requires a few additional steps. The first is to make sure each minor has their own online account set up with SCCA. (Ideally, with their own email address.) Contact Member Services to set up an online account for the child.

To obtain an annual minor waiver, each parent must individually log in to their account using their member number. From the online store, select the “Annual Waiver Minor Parental Consent” form. When completing this form, the parent will sign and add the name and member number of the minor.

BOTH parents must each log in and do this for each child from their individual accounts. After both parents have submitted their forms, then log in with the minor’s account, and complete the “Annual Waiver Minor” for the child and check out.

All three forms, submitted from each individual account, will be needed to process and finalize the annual minor waiver.

Digital and Hard Cards

Both digital and hard membership/license cards will be accepted at all SCCA events with a “valid thru” date equal to or after the date of the event. Digital cards are available 365/24/7 from the SCCA portal. (Or download and add a shortcut to your card on a smartphone.)

Physical hard cards are printed and mailed once a year on the annual renewal date.