Photo by Ian Pouliot

2022 RallyCross Champions

With the conclusion of the 508INTL event on December 3, the 2022 season of RallyCross has concluded. With those points tallied, please congratulate the following drivers on claiming their 2022 season titles as RallyX Champion for their class.

Big thanks to Joel White for being the points keeper this season. Per Joel, this is the first time since he’s done them that NER has had 9 events on the year.  That’s amazing! Therefore, there are two drops. So, for the “Season” sheet, the points totals for Blue Lot 9/24 and Little Pines 11/6 incorporate the first drop, and the totals for 508INTL 12/3 has both drops. The drop values are shown on the Drivers sheet, far right columns. Questions – please reach out to Joel.

Also, big congratulations should go to the 4 drivers who made it to every event of the year! Those dedicated drivers are Ian Fisher, Michael Maurice, Clifton Kangus, and Kathy Moody.

Also worth noting regarding Kathy – she competed in SR, PF, MR and MA, probably making her one of the most versatile drivers around.

Since RallyX runs year round, because snow courses are that much fun, the 2023 season is right around the corner. It will kick off on January 14, back at 508INTL. No winter-off season for the RX drivers.

SR – George Farrar

SF – Austin O’Brien

SA – Ian Fisher

PA – Michael Maurice

MF – Stephanie Reeve

MA – Clifton Kangas

** Drivers must have competed in a minimum of 5 events to qualify for the championship.