2022 Road Rally Champions

The conclusion of the Road Rally series for 2022 has wrapped, and NER is proud to announce the season champions for the classes. Please congratulate the following drivers.

Over the 2022 season, NER’s Road Rally team hosted six events across the Northeast – from the mountains of New Hampshire to the coast line on the Cape. The 2023 season schedule has been released, and with another six events planned, the first one will kick off here in February with the Winter Challenge. 

Road rally is one of the easiest programs to get involved with in our region. For a fun day in the car, find an opportunity to join our Rallymasters as they plan the clues for navigating through some of the beautiful scenery around us.

Any questions on Road Rally can do to the program chair, Jon Lamkins.

Class E (Equipped)

Driver: Michael Beliveau

Navigator: Chris Regan

Class L : (Limited)

Driver: Dan Hayes

Navigator: Ashley Hayes

Class S: (Stock)

Driver: Chris Wright

Navigator: Paul Longtine

Cameron Dewar’s Cup: Chris Regan