Photo by Genya Seredkin

2022 Solo Champs

As 2022 comes to a close, it’s time to congratulate all the class champions for this year’s Solo/Autocross season. After 11 events between April and October, these 24 drivers have claimed their titles for the year.

The full season of points for each class can be found here: 2022 Season Points Standing

The 2023 season will be here before we know it. Stay tuned for the announcement of a confirmed schedule sometime in January.

Russ Siggelkoe – A Street

Brendan Wong – Super Street

MIchael Elkort – B Street

William Koscielny – D Street

John Frongillo – E Street

Ralph Zajac – F Street

David Gott – G Street

Josh Brockman – H Street

Justin Malinosky – Street Touring Hatch

Brandon Dean – Street Touring Sport

Evan LeBlanc – Street Touring Xtreme

Theresa Doyon – Street Touring Roadster

Jacob Ronald – Street Touring Ultra

Benson Tai – Super Steet Touring

Shaun Moore – Super Street Prepared

Thomas Moore – X Prepared

Donald Allen – D Prepared

Bob Barone – A Mod

Jim Garry – C Mod

Don Kuehl – Street Modified FWD

Matthew Mickle – Street Modified

Jeff Bakken – CAMC

George Farrar – CAMT

Justin Chen – Extreme Street A

Nathan Winters – Extreme Street B

Grant Reeve – Pro

2022 Stirling Moss Champion

With previous back-to-back Moss Champion Todd Kean not competing in the Moss Challenge this year, that opened the door for Grant Reeve to claim the trophy for the third time.