Official results from all Qualifying and Race events from this weekend are now available. Select your race group, then view or download the final Timing and Scoring results as PDF files.


There were quite a few new track records set this weekend. Please congratulate the following drivers on raising the bar and bringing the speed last weekend!

FV: Nicholas Galuardi – 1:48.678

ITA: Stephen Pope – 1:49.390

ITB: Nat Wentworth – 1:51.964

ITE: Glenn Kurkjian – 1:41.737

SRF3: Steve Introne – 1:42.560

SM: Ralle Rookey – 1:49.038

T1: Mark Ketenci – 1:42.466

T2: Darius Trinka – 1:42.482

T3: Jared Lendrum – 1:49.590

Photos By: James Ray and Frank Baker