NERRC Season Continues

May 14-15 brought NER club racers the 2nd NERRC event of the season. Following the opener at Palmer, almost 140 entries came up to New Hampshire Motor Speedway. The first NER event at NHMS was renamed this year in honor of Bob Introne, long-time member, director and steward, who passed away in October. Known as the region’s “weatherman”, Bob made sure we had sunny skies throughout the weekend.

The final results from NERRC #2 have already been posted and are available. Registration is open for NERRC #3, at Lime Rock Park, scheduled for June 24-25.


Remembering Bob

The Introne family was extremely grateful for the efforts the region, and in particular JB Swan, put together to honor Bob during the weekend. They allowed Bob’s grandkids to throw the green flag and checker during the B-Spec race, where Bob’s son, Steve, was a competitor. Bob’s granddaughter, Izzy, put on her whites and headed out to Turn 11, spending Saturday on a corner waving flags. Since Bob came into SCCA as an F&C worker, we know he’d be proud to see the third generation of flaggers continuing in his family.

As a thank you to the region, Bob’s wife, Carol, had event t-shirts designed and made for all the drivers and workers. She sat at registration on Friday evening and Saturday morning passing them out. So many SCCA/NER members attended Bob’s memorial services and reached out with condolences, that she wanted to make sure they knew how much it meant and show her appreciation for the outpouring of sympathy last fall.

Lots of Young Workers

Izzy wasn’t the only young face volunteering this weekend. In fact, we saw quite a few younger faces around the track. Tristan Welling’s son also took a turn flagging at Turn 3. And we had 2 new faces, Zach and Isaac, helping out on the grid.

We love seeing the next generation getting involved and having #funwithcars. Whether it’s for a single session, a full day, or an entire weekend – if you know a teen or young adult interested in motorsports, point them in any direction at the track. We have ways for all of them to get involved. For full details on Under 21 and racing, remember to check out this link.

Dinner at the North East Motor Sports Museum

For the first time, the Saturday night party moved out of impound and made it’s way to the North East Motor Sports Museum at the south entrance to the track. With 10,000 square feet of race cars and memorabilia, everyone at the event gathered for dinner and cake (again provided by Carol Introne) seated at tables throughout the museum. It was a unique and fun way to finish up an active day of racing and check out everything the museum has to offer. Thank you to the museum for opening your doors and hosting us for our dinner!

Event Photos

James Ray was busy at the track as well. He’s already compiling and releasing albums of images from the weekend. Be sure and check out his Flickr account for all the photos.

NERRC #2 – Photos