Learn to Race!

The dates for Club Racing Events as part of the 2023 NERRC series are now available.

CRE is an opportunity for drivers of all ages to gain experience racing in wheel-to-wheel sports car competition, learn about race craft, accumulate track the time and race starts needed to earn their competition license. Plus, it’s just a ton of fun!

For 2023, there will be 4 CRE events, at three different tracks. All the details on how to participate in a CRE can be found here.

The cost of 2023 CRE is $350 for most weekends. Participants get two exciting days of on-and-off track enjoyment. The CRE rotates as a separate run group on these club racing weekends, and depending on the weekend circumstances participants should be on track 4 times during the event. The first session is a practice session and the remaining sessions will usually be timed races. The July Thompson event is a one day and will have three session and cost less. That event is NER’s annual night race, but all CRE session will be in daylight.

2023 CRE Event Schedule

May 6-7 at NHMS in Loudon, New Hampshire
July 8 at TSMP in Thompson, Connecticut
July 29-30 at NHMS in Loudon, New Hampshire
September 9-10 at PMP in Palmer, Massachusetts

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