Pre-Season Tech Date

When: Saturday, April 13

Time: 10 am – 2 pm

Location: MC Racing
370 Hudson Rd
Stow, Mass

This is the perfect time to get an Annual Tech Inspection for “Experienced” race cars and to obtain new log books/initial inspections for new race cars. This will eliminate the pre-race hassles of getting the car through tech at the track. Once a car and Driver’s gear are inspected all a driver or crew needs to do is to bring the log book to tech at the race to get a tech sticker. Far less stressful than getting in a long line of cars waiting for each to be carefully (and therefore slowly) inspected.

Informally, there will be several of us at the Thompson Drivers’ School April 19.

If there are any questions, people can call either Paul or Phil:

Phil Gott – 508 414 0256

Paul Messier – 860 608 7870