For the second year in a row, the New England Region was invited to represent SCCA at the New England International Auto Show, held at the Boston Convention Center January 16-20, 2020.

The largest car show in the region, thousands of visitors explored the convention floor to check out all the latest model releases from all of the domestic and foreign manufacturers.

NER filled almost 4000 square feet of floor space with a wide variety of race vehicles for show visitors to explore and even sit in. These included small open-wheel cars, like FV and Karts, to rallycross BMWs and Subarus, GT2 Corvettes, and club racing cars from Miatas to Formula cars. Nine different vehicles in all were on display.

Race Car Pit Stop

Once again promoted as the “Race Car Pit Stop” across all the auto show marketing materials, our SCCA booth was highlighted along with the other high-traffic, stand-out attractions. These included the Super Car Speedway, with over $5 million in exotic cars most of us never see — much less drive. The collection included vehicles from Bentley, Rolls-Royce, Lamborghini, and McLaren. The Muscle Car Showcase was where classics of carefully restored muscle cars were showcased. And finally, Factory Five, which is based in Wareham and the world’s largest manufacturer of build-it-yourself car kits, brought a selection of race car reproductions.

Weekend Success

Jeff Adams spear-headed the organization and running of this year’s NER booth. According to Jeff, “The NER booth was once again one of the most popular displays at the the 2020 New England International Auto Show. Thousands of people came through, and picked up information on everything the New England Region and SCCA has to offer. This included info on Track Night in America, to Club Racing, as well as Rally Cross and the Solo events.” Jeff continued, “Interest was high so be prepared for lots of new faces to visit our events with lots of questions on how to get involved.”

Jeff, and the region leadership, want to extend their thanks to all the volunteers that made this weekend such a big success. “Thank you to everyone who took time out of the schedule to help, whether they brought a car to display or spent time talking with people. The show would not be the success without you! We’re already looking forward to the 2021 show!”

Overall, the weekend was a great success in building awareness for SCCA and engaging with thousands of car enthusiasts. So remember, if someone arrives at an NER event this year after hearing about it from the auto show, be sure to welcome them to the club!