New England International Auto Show

The Boston Auto Show has returned – and NER was back with a booth promoting all the ways people in the Boston area can have #funwithcars!

This was by far a huge team effort that pulled together an amazing booth that showcased NER’s road racing, rally, solo, and TNIA/time trials programs. We had videos, printed materials that people could take with them, and QR codes to scan and collect info so we could follow-up with people that showed interest.

Huge thanks go to those that took the time out of their schedules to bring their cars for the display. That includes:

Steve Introne

Nick Leverone

Shawn Pan

JB Swan

Dylan Reid

James Blumenfeld

Nate Simeon

Those drivers were also joined by the following members who came and just volunteered their time to spend hours in the booth answering questions, talking to visitors, and being ambassadors for how amazing SCCA is and why we all spend our hard earned money and valuable free time on this club and sport. Please thank these people as well when you get the chance, they include:

  • Kathy Barnes
  • Zach Introne
  • Melissa Introne
  • Donnie Roberts
  • Tom Samuelson
  • Ryan Soucy
  • Christopher Benson
  • Roger French
  • Josh Neumann
  • Edward Strong
  • James Ray

Lastly, a huge shout-out has to go to Trevor Hermance. Trevor stepped up and volunteered, literally at the last minute, to become the point person for this entire venture. He was at the venue every minute it was open. He coordinated getting the cars in and out, the set up and arrangement of the booth, organizing the volunteers, and being the go-to-guy for all the myriad of questions that arose as we coordinated getting vehicles delivered to downtown Boston and inside a huge convention center. Plus, being on your feet in a booth for 4 straight days is no small ask, and he was there for it all. Big thanks to Trevor!

The Results

So was all that work worth it? YES!

Any time NER has the opportunity to promote our club and the programs we offer, of course it’s a worthwhile venture. This year, we had the added advantage of being able to promote our upcoming Trackside Experience recruiting event happening on July 27. Steve Introne’s recruiting team has been hard at work planning this event, and at the show, they were able to collect through an easy QR code sign up 59 names and emails of people interested in coming to learn more about volunteering at our road racing events. We even had one social media influencer do an on-the-spot video with Steve that he’s sent out to his 80k+ followers, and the influencer himself plans to be at NHMS!

Overall, it was a great weekend sharing all the ways people can have fun with SCCA programs.  People loved the dirty rally cars. (Bringing them covered in dirt was definitely the right call!) Shawn Pan’s Honda solo car was a huge hit as well. James’s pace car with the lights on top also drew lots of attention. And of course, climbing inside a fully built out caged road racing Mini Cooper and Mazda Miata was something that drew plenty of smiles from young and old alike.

At it’s heart, NER is a family, and this family came together to make this event a great one. Well done.