Gets Updated

After months of planning and work, the New England Region is excited to unveil a new look to After the successful launch of Pit Talk as a digital publication ( four years ago, the region board of directors believed that the NER site was due for an update and rebranding that would integrate seamlessly with the growing Pit Talk site.

“We’re so excited to reveal the new website to the membership,” announced Abhi Ghatak, Region Executive. “The team has worked hard on this design. The new site is clean and modern, making it easy for people to find the information they need.”

As part of the discussions, creating defined roles and goals for each site was key. would act as the marketing arm of the region – a way to reach new members with the basic information on what the club does and how to get involved, while Pit Talk would act as the engagement arm between the region and active members.

Bringing Everything Together

As part of this process, the region transferred the site hosting and control away from the SCCA National office and back under direct region control. The new site was designed and developed by Introne Communications, with the guidance and direction of James Ray, Jerry Papenhausen and Rich Currey as the BOD steering team. As Melissa Introne currently serves as the Editor for Pit Talk, having all of NER’s websites managed by one point of contact, will keep consistency across the branding of both sites.

What’s New

In addition to a more modern and contemporary look and feel to the site, there are a couple key new features members should notice:

  • Results: All results will now reside on Pit Talk. Links to results pages will be available from, but the home for all results will be at Pit Talk.
  • Mobile Friendly: The new site is mobile friendly! With more than 50% of visitors to both sites coming from smartphones or tablets, the new is intentionally designed with a unique mobile interface.
  • Updated Calendar: All events will be available on the new Schedule page, with an interface that allows visitors to filter searches by program type. Additionally, links to MSR for registration, Supps, or Event Info documents will all be linked off of each specific event. Events can also be exported and downloaded directly from the site to personal calendars.

Check It Out

Now that the site is live, we encourage members to check it out. As always, we welcome feedback and comments. Come take a look at the new!

Visit the NEW!