Hey Everyone! Happy Racing Season!

I know, it’s March, but things are starting to bloom in NER. Before you know it, events are going to be happening. Now, as I’m sure you know, Rally and RallyX have been going strong all winter, so next year, don’t let the seasons keep you from having #funwithcars. Try out a Rally, there are events for novice and skilled Road Rally participants, and RallyX is a blast.

As I mentioned, things are starting to really come together for our 2020 summer season. On March 22nd, at Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park, we are going to host a Flagger Training along with the Speedway. This is NOT a member event, but anyone who is interested in joining us this summer can get a head start on learning what it’s all about. The training will run from 1 to 4 and all are welcome. Bring a friend and show them how much fun we can be!

Flagger Training

Sunday, March 22, 1-4pm

Thompson Speedway

Solo Points Event #1

Winter Tire Shakedown

Sunday, April 5

SOLO’s season will be starting on April 4th with a Starting Line School hosted at Devens. This event is sold out, but the first points event will be the following day, Sunday April 5th, at Devens. Sign up at here and let’s get the year started right.

Finally, our track events are going to kick off very soon, with Track Night in America registration opening for all of the events across the USA. We are going to be hosting 18 events here in NER, so let all of your car friends know what a great value and good time it is to attend one of these events. This is an important recruitment tool for SCCA, so you can really help us out by promoting these events to your friends that may not know all about us already. Of course, this is just a gateway in to NER. The next step in the ladder would be to try out our Time Trials events, hosted along with our partners from CART. Along with our regional events, there will be a Tire Rack SCCA Time Trials National Tour Powered By Hagerty event at Thompson on July 3rd and 4th as well, marking the 75th-anniversary of the first ever SCCA on-track competition. In 1944, on nearly the same date and at the same location, the SCCA hosted a competition which included full laps of the oval and point-to-point standing-start runs of portions of the yet to be completed road course.

Finally, the top rung of the track ladder of events is our Road Racing program, providing wheel to wheel competition at 8 events this year. The schedule includes a brand new Day / Night event at Thompson on August 22nd. This is a one day event that will provide 3 sessions for each run group, with qualifying and 1 race in daylight, and a second race under the lights. Mark this one down as a must attend event!

So, all that going on. It’s going to be a busy and fun summer. Join us at as many events as you can and support the region. Talk to your friends that enjoy cars and bring them out as well. Let’s work together to make this the most successful year that NER has ever had. Every time that you attend, every friend that you help to engage, helps us to continue to provide an opportunity for people to have #funwithcars!

Rich Currey

Thompson Speedway

Race Under the Lights

1-day Regional, Saturday, August 22