Written by David Bocchichio

Photo by Jacob Ronald

It was another beautiful day out with NER, with warm temps and partly sunny skies. We had over 110 drivers out to compete on a fast course.  The little bit of drizzle that came down towards the end of the day didn’t seem to dampen anyone’s spirits as many drivers continued to find more time on course. 

Street Class

There were seven drivers in AS with 143 Mark Ponusky taking the win in a 2002 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 with a 47.396.  There was only one driver in CS with 111 Anthony Nunez setting his fastest lap of the day in his 2021 Mazda MX-5 Miata with a 51.722DS was stacked with fourteen drivers all competing hard for the win with 102 Jeff Bakken taking top honors in a 2021 Honda Civic with a 48.320.  There were six drivers in ES with 51 Charles Sinkler narrowly squeaking out the win in a 1999 Mazda Miata with a 49.885 over 22 William Brundige by only 0.118.  We had six drivers in FS with 74 Dana Nicgorski setting the fastest lap in a 2018 Ford Mustang GT with a 49.325GS had five drivers with 118 David Gott in a 2018 Honda Civic Si taking the win with a 49.361.  There were eight drivers in HS with 89 Josh Brockman in a 2020 Honda Civic Sport Hatchback taking top honors with a 50.675.

Street Touring

There were three drivers in STH  with 74 Brad Fiore taking the win by more than 4 seconds in his 2017 Volkswagen GTI with a 47.957.  We had three drivers in STS as well with 134 Sam Creasey narrowly edging out his co-driver Jack Nguyen, by only 0.488 on his last run of the day in their 1988 Honda CRX Si with a 48.322.  There were four drivers in STX with 2 Evan LeBlanc taking the win in a 2015 Scion FR-S with a 47.612.  In STR there were three drivers with 73 Justin Chen laying down a seriously fast lap for the win in a 2006 Honda S2000 with a 46.924.  There were four drivers in STU with 14 Jacob Ronald s

Street Prepared/Modified and Beyond

In CAMC there were two drivers with the fastest time going to 186 Alex Jackson with a 50.443.  There were four drivers in DP with 91 Alan Salnikov narrowly beating his co-driver, Nathan Winters in their 1997 Mazda Miata with a 48.967.  We had three drivers in SM with 41 Billy Haley Taking the win in a 2004 Subaru STi with a 47.584.  We had one driver in KM with 31 Cameron Martineau laying down a 43.094 in his 2020 Praga Tacho Evo.


Once again our novis class was stacked with 19 drivers out testing the limits of some beautiful cars including Tom Genatossio’s 1998 Dodge Viper and more creative race cars like my personal favorite, Donovan Seabury’s 2005 Toyota Camry, proving that you can have fun in any car!  Taking the win was 94 Juan Salcedo in a 2016 Fiat 500 Abarth with a raw time of 54.565 and a Pax of 42.669.  On a side note, the Camry finished 4th!

Pro, Pax & Raw

In the Pro class there were seventeen drivers all pushing hard for a fast lap.  That led to the closest gap of the day between the top two finishers with 157 Grant Reeve in his SSR 2019 Corvette Grand Sport with a Pax time of 37.447 beating 199 Billy Davis 0.001.  That was also good enough to give Grant the top Pax time of the day over all.  Fastest lap of the day went to 31 Cameron Martineau in a KM 2020 Praga Tacho Evo with a 43.094.

Join us again on August 1, 2021 for the Scorched Orange/Racing Against Leukemia (RAL) AutoX.  There will be several ways to donate during the event to help raise money for a worthy cause as well as have some fun in the process!