The 2024 season kicked off with a return to Palmer Motorsports Park – and it was by all measures a huge success. More than 152 entries showed up for the opening weekend. The entry list was so large, group adjustment had to be made, moving some classes around to even out the car counts. This was also the first CRE event for the year, and we had 5 drivers participating in that as well.

Overall, it was clean weekend of racing. There were a few incidents, but mostly, after a long winter break, the rust was knocked off and everyone returned back on course ready to chase NERRC championship points and bragging rights.

Big thanks for our CRB board for hosting a fabulous dinner on Saturday night, which included a full ice cream sundae bar – yes…. ice cream and all the toppings were available for everyone at the track! If you weren’t there, you definitely missed it.

When the final flag flew, there were 9 new track records set to start the year. That included Enrik Benazic setting two himself in HP and ITC.

Up next we head to Limerock park. While Palmer was held over Mother’s Day weekend (Thank you to all the Moms that supported and attended the weekend event), NERRC #2 will be held over Father’s Day weekend, June 14-15 for our annual Paddock Crawl. Registration is already open, so we hope to see you there.

Official Results

Official results from all Qualifying and Race events from this weekend are now available. Select your race group, then view or download the final Timing and Scoring results as PDF files.

New Track Records

C‐Spec – #192 James Cutler – 1:56.905

EP – #27 Doug Fambrough – 1:46.968

FVR – #12 Gerard Owen Callaghan – 1:50.190

GT1 – #6  Douglas Valley – 1:39.321

GT2 – #74  Michal Kuna – 1:41.012

HP  – #11 Enrik Benazic – 1:51.641

ITC  – #96  Enrik Benazic – 1:59.992

Spec E30 – #117  Thomas McGinn – 1:53.036

SRF3 – #42 Craig Chase – 1:42.114