2022 Season Not Over

With all the excitement of the Runoffs last week, it might feel like the road racing season is over. But it’s NOT! The NERRC Championship weekend is coming up next weekend, and many season trophies are still up for grabs.

Races to Watch

Heading into this Championship weekend, ten drivers already have their season title’s sewn up. Congratulations to those that ran so well over the previous seven NERRC races, that their trophies are secured. However, there are still a number of races way too close to call. The results from their performance at Thompson will determine who wins, and who ends up 2nd or 3rd.

To start with is the FV class. David Grimes currently leads the points with 275. But second, third and fourth are sitting at 265 (Thomas Kenny), 256 (Chris Barry) and 235 (Gerard Owen Callaghan). Then there’s SM. Alexander Cummings as a slim 4-point lead over Christian Sarnecki (310 to 306), and Daniel Kubec isn’t far behind at 265. In SM2, Chritian Sarnecki is leading Pratt Tanner and Keith Knickerbocker. Will Christian keep his SM2 lead, lose it, win SM, take second? Lots at stake for him next weekend.

For STL, Rob Sturgis and Thomas DiCandido are neck and neck. Just five points separates Michal Kuna (295) and Allen Briere (280) in T3. GT2 will be a showdown between Matt Cummings and Scott Simpson. IT7 has Kenneth Newton with the current lead over Dick Patullo.

That’s at least seven races where the battle will be intense as it all comes down to these finishes and the double points the NERRC Championship offers.

2022 NERRC Points Standings

2022 Titles Decided

B-Spec – Milos Milivojevic

FC – Alex Tollefsen

FE2 – Jason Conzo

FP – David Colbey

GT1 – Douglas Valley

ITR – Jennifer Ferreira

ITS – Kenneth Payson

P1 – Todd Parks

SRF3 – Lincoln Young

T2 – Maurizio Cerasoli

2022 Titles Up for Grabs












Come Help and Watch it All

There’s still time to register, for driver’s undecided on participating. And there is a definite need for additional workers this weekend. So if you’re on the fence about whether to volunteer for the last NERRC race, stop wondering and register. It’ll be a weekend of great racing!

NERRC Championship Weekend DRIVER Registration
NERRC Championship Weekend WORKER Registration