TRPS Are Going Digital

NER’s Club Racing Track Redemption Program provides credit to each volunteer for each day worked. This is available to workers across all specialties.

Traditionally volunteers received a paper coupon each day, which had to be saved and physically turned in to be redeemed. This was a great way for our specialty chiefs to be able to personally thank each worker and connect with them at the end of the day. But how many of us have had that moment where we realize that we left a big stack home when we wanted to redeem them? Or maybe even misplaced and lost them after the weekend or season ended?

To simplify the process and make redemption easier, TRPs for all events starting with the May NHMS race will now be issued electronically via a Google form. Workers can check their TRP balance at any time by visiting NERTRPS. This site is read only (separate restricted access forms are used by the chiefs for entering and redeeming).

In addition, two improvements are being made to the program. The value for the new electronic TRPs will be increased to $10. Additionally, there will now be the option to redeem in 0.5 TRP increments – making it much more convenient for gift card purchases!

Old TRPS Coupons?

The next obvious question will be, what about all my old TRPS coupons? If you have TRPs at home, don’t worry – these are still valid. Paper TRPs can continue to be used for all redemptions including merchandise, gift cards, membership, and annual meeting charges. They will not expire, and the paper TRPs value will remain at $8 each.

NOTE: There will not be any conversions from paper TRPS to digital TRPS. So please do not throw them away!

Any additional questions on the new TRPS program, please feel free to reach out to Kelly Messier.


· TRPs will now be issued electronically only and will be worth $10

· Paper TRPs are still valid and remain valued at $8