2021 National Championship Runoffs at Indianapolis Motor Speedway

One week from today, the green flag will fly opening the first day of Qualifying for the 2021 Runoffs. Over 900 competitors from across the country are actively finishing their final preparations, loading tow vehicles, and preparing to arrive at the famed Brickyard this weekend.

This year’s Runoffs is a return to Indy after the first appearance there ever in 2017. The track is opening for test days over the weekend, continuing with activities and action-packed racing through the closing ceremonies on October 3. In traditional fashion, three days of Qualifying for each of the 26 classes will take place Tuesday-Thursday, with the main event, one-race shoot-outs to determine this year’s Champion starting Friday morning with the T4 class and finishing Sunday afternoon with FX.

Coming from the New England Region will be 36 drivers hoping to leave their mark on this famed track. Of these, three drivers – Nick Leverone, David Oliveira, and Marshall Stocker – will be double dipping, so 39 chances for podiums from our region.

Greg Amy HP
Richard Astacio SM
Jason Benagh T4
Raymond Blethen T4
Stephen Blethen T4
Madison Bolden EP
Allen Briere T3
Spencer Brockman FA
Josh Byington T2
Mark Fosberry FV
Elivan Goulart SM
Eric Heinrich STU
Steve Introne B-Spec
John Kennelly FV
Murat Mark Ketenci T1
Chris Kopley GTL
Brian LaCroix T2
Michael Lavigne T2
Nick Leverone T4
Nick Leverone SM
Kelly Lubash AS
Dennis McCarthy FC
Hugh McHaffie STL
David Oliveira HP
David Oliveira B-Spec
Chris Outzen T1
John Raudat SM
James Regan FE2
Jameson Riley EP
Douglas Rocco FC
Nathan Saxon SM
Hugh Stewart T1
Marshall Stocker STL
Marshall Stocker SM
J B Swan B-Spec
Alex Tollefsen FC
Jeffrey Valeo FV
Thomas West AS
Fred White HP

SportsCar Feature: Who Will Win the Runoffs

In the lead up to the Runoffs, SportsCar Magazine always does a feature on their best guesses for who might claim the trophy. Sometimes the editors nail it, sometimes the ultimate winner is a complete surprise. Browse through this year’s “Who to Watch”… there are a few NER names that pop up throughout.

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Runoffs Schedule