2020 NERRC Rule Changes

Given the delayed start to the 2020 New England Road Racing Championship series due to Covid-19, the club racing board as adopted a set of rule changes for the qualifying and final determination of season championships.

The most prominent changes include the following:

  • Drivers must only compete in 2 weekends to qualify.
  • Class champions decided by the highest point total accumulated.
  • Your best 8 finish points in class for the year will count towards your points for the championship.
  • Finish points are calculated for each “NERRC Race” and do not include qualifying or practices.
  • The last NERRC race of the Championship weekend at Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park is worth Double Points. The other “NERRC Races” that weekend will be worth normal points.

2020 NERRC Race Schedule

Weekend 1 – July 13-14 Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park (Combined with MAJORS championship series)

Weekend 2 – August 8-9 NHMS

Weekend 3  – August 22 Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park (night race)

Weekend 4 – September 12-13 Palmer Motorsports Park

Weekend 5 – October 2-3 Championship weekend at Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park (Combined with NEDIV championship series)

Download Full 2020 NERRC Rules Here