From Rick Myers, SCCA Corporate Office

By now, SCCA members should have received their ballot for proposals to update our bylaws allowing the SCCA to more efficiently and effectively carry out future Area Director elections as well as some much needed updates to our bylaws to bring us in compliance with regulatory agencies. The vote to approve/disapprove the ballot measure is a simple majority of those responding.

The ballots are printed on a prepaid return post card, so you the process is simple. Mark your vote and drop in the mailbox.

From Rich Currey, NER RE

This is the same process that we used several years ago to update our own region by-laws. It would be a great benefit to the club for more members to be able to take part, and your support of the initiative would be appreciated.

Ballots must be received by the accounting firm by November 15, 2019 to be counted.

By-Law Revision Summation

In summation, the proposed change would allow for any official SCCA notification/communication in the future to be delivered to the membership in either written or electronic media (e.g., email) form. Notices may be communicated in person, by U.S. postal mail or other method of delivery, by email or other electronic means, or by publication in SportsCar Magazine or any other publication routinely provided by the Club to members. As an example of what the bylaw change would mean to members, future Board of Director Area elections could be communicated via email with information about candidates and how to cast your vote via electronic balloting.