SCCA is a volunteer-run organization. Without the support and generosity of our members donating their time and talents, none of the Solo, RallyCross, Road Rally, Club Racing, Time Trials or TNiA programs we host would occur. Volunteers are the backbone of our club. However, there are times where a special need arises and our region needs someone to step up and take over or participate in a specific role. We have a few of those open right now.

If you feel called to one of these positions, please contact the appropriate program person to get answers to any additional questions, or to find out how to get started.

Thank you to everyone that is already actively involved in helping plan, organize, facilitate and manage all of NER’s events. You guys do amazing work.

Road Racing Positions

Trophy Coordinator

Responsible for obtaining and distributing trophies during the NERRC season. This includes working with the vendor on the choice and procurement.
Determine quantity needed based on past performance and create plaque insignia. Determine class winners and positions by using Race Monitor or other arrangement with Timing & Scoring. Transport trophies or have trophies delivered. Hand out trophies with Congratulations at designated NERRC events at any of the 4 tracks at the final event race on the last day. (Does not include NEDiv or Majors events). Contact Donna Stevens if interested.

Race Chair (One or More Events)

The Race Chair helps organize the weekend event and be the “go to” person for on-site questions and needs by drivers and event workers. The primary responsibilities include arranging and delivering worker lunches, coordinating the after-race party (ordering, delivering and setting up the food and drinks), delivering water or snacks between sessions as needed for the workers, ensuring all event bills are paid in coordination with the region treasurer, and working with the Trophy Coordinator to help distribute trophies after the final race of each group. The Race Chair can be an individual, or a race team (where a group work together.) To volunteer as the Race Chair for a NERRC event in the 2023 season, contract the CRB Chair, JB Swan.


Equipment Chief

This is a one person job for the entire 2023 season. They will be in charge of all the equipment in the truck, setup in the morning and break down in the afternoon. It requires transportation of the truck to events and maintenance of the truck, which is stored at a location just 1/2-mile away from the Solo event site. It’s a pretty cushy job, work in the morning and work at the end, most of the rest of the day you get to hang out. If interested, please contact Brian Levesque.


Recruiting Committee

Last year, the NER BOD created a Recruiting Committee to develop new ideas and ways to reach and engage new members and increase volunteer participation with the club. If you are someone excited about marketing NER and SCCA, have ideas on ways to connect with people who want to have #funwithcars, but may now know about everything we have to offer, then volunteer to join the Recruiting Committee. The team meets monthly via Zoom to create plans, assign duties, and analyze the results. Contact Assistant RE Steve Introne if interested.