The New England Region Competition Racing Board (CRB) meeting was at the Fairfield Inn in Auburn, Ma. on Feb 22,2019 from 7 – 9pm.
24 members were in attendance.

Topics/discussions as follows:

Finance – no changes to report at this time
Volunteers/Race Chair(s) for events:
        A) CRB looking for person(s)/group to organize/setup workers party
        B) August RAL event name with respect to Paul Faford (chaired by FV group)
        C) Food – discussion on rising costs and possible different vendor options
        D) Registration is looking for help, please contact Marilyn Freeman
New Race Categories
        A) CPM  GTX  S2 entered
        B) B-spec being grouped with IT7
        C) SRF
                 a) SRFX created for 2nd run group – allows for DD (double dipping)
                 b) no points or awards given out for 2nd run group
                 c) per SCCA rules a 2nd compliance fee would be collected for DD
                 d) No DD @ LRP due to time/group constraints
                 e) this is a rough draft, some changes may be expected
        D) other race groups to stay similar to last year
Promotions – ideas to promote sport/membership
          A) social media – approved to try small investment and monitor progress
          B) Check hosting track websites – brought to CRB attention some races not listed
          C) International Trade show – NER 1st time
                  a) great tool to interact with public which was well received
                  b) Show Host was impressed with our representation
                  c) discussions on how we can improve/interact with public(displays,video,etc.)
                  d) Kudos to Brian Mushnick for getting it done on such short notice and also those that donated their time and/or vehicles
           A) most profitable division of SCCA
           B) 18 events @ 4 tracks in New England
           C) 1st event april 23 @ LRP (lime rock park)
Time Trials – C.A.R.T. 
            A) SCCA starting a national tour, one event to be held @ TSMP July 4-6
            B) After discussions the CRB decided to assist TT with personnal/equipment
                     a) CRB hopes this may steer some drivers to also participate in more W2W
Sound level – check supps and will be strictly enforced
Worker Radios – CRB is working with vendor and live in-field testing to take place
Awards – CRB looking for ideas/suggestions, options were discussed and will be further investigated