Written by: Dan Fouquette

June 3rd saw the return of the NER SCCA to Glove Hollow Christmas Tree Farm in Plymouth, NH. Forecasted rain held off and a tight course of a grassy field allowed for a technical venue with conditions that held well throughout the day. The Christmas tree farm is a serene venue with neatly organized rows of trees and a river view on the back of the lot. One direction a picturesque view and another cars flinging dirt and sod into the air.

Early runs and course start had cars fighting through the tall grass to find (and avoid) cones. After the first run in the course, clippings revealed a nice out and back route that wore fantastically with a slippery sweeper down range as a turn around. No rocks and minimal rutting provides for a great venue and newer cars with less preparation managed to survive without issue. 

Afternoon tightened and became more technical with lots of discussion of what gear to be in and how much sawing at the steering wheel is appropriate to count as an upper body work out session. Trickey gate movement kept people on their toes and really provided a technical layout.

The lower entry level provided a staggering ten runs per competitor, making it a fantastic value. The dichotomy of aged out beater cars decades old versus fresh off the dealer lot new machines allowed a diverse entry list. Parts losses were minimal resulting in some front bumper trim and a fender liner.

Forty three entrants scored times with highlights of the usual suspects at large. A slew of Subarus, Volkswagen Rabbits, some Fords, and a timing system munching Audi rounded out the lineup.

Highlights include: George Farrar’s Ford Mustang was pressed into duty in the morning with multiple drivers to fill out the RWD class. And in the afternoon Kathy Moody ended up putting on a Rad wheel drive ballet clinic slinging the lunch time repaired BMW around cones. Brendan Carter put on a smoke show but not in the way we had hoped, cooling system woes hampered the classic BMWs debut but it was repaired and able to drive home, his single time was quick and we’re excited to see their return. Scott and Phil managed to rototill the course in the supercharged Golf, a sight to behold, and ensuring anything planted in their wake will thrive in the growing season. Finally the Subaru Wagon Blin Machine had five very swift drivers and survived the day with only minor issues of the charge system.

Top finishers in each class

Stock Rear Farrar, George 2012 Mustang 576.614
Stock Front Yeskoo, Andrew 2015 Fiesta 549.444
Stock All Nemchuk, Nikita 2005 Subaru BLIN 484.430
Prepared Front Denham, Hal 2007 Rabbit 523.352
Prepared All Regan, Chris 2003 Audi A4 472.656
Mod Front Burden, Anthony 1992 Jetta 473.425
Mod Rear Moody, Kathy BMW E36 571.791
Mod All Poor Jr, Paul 2008 Impreza Wag 498.157

The next rallycross event will be Union, Maine over August 19-20, with a work day on August 18.. Keep an eye out on the New England Rally Facebook group, the NER Rally Schedule page, and the motorsports.reg events page for more updates.