2019 RallyCross Season Champions

Please congratulate all of the class champions in the 2019 New England Region RallyCross series. Each of these podium finishers competed in at least 5 events over the course of the last year.

RallyCross is a timed competition pitting a driver and his/her vehicle against a defined course. The course is delineated by cones on a non-paved surface such as dirt, gravel, or snow. Participants attempt to traverse the course as fast as possible. This year, NER hosted 8 RallyCross events between January and December. The ability for RallyCross events to be held year-round, despite typical northeast weather conditions, is one of the unique attractions of this series. Don’t just wait til summer – race all year long on the RallyCross courses.

RallyCross events are held in Canaan, New Hampshire; Okemo, Vermont; Rochester, New Hampshire; Stafford Springs, CT; and Mt Snow in Vermont.

Stay tuned for the full 2020 season schedule, but mark your calendars for the first event of 2020 at Stafford Springs on January 25-26.

RallyCross Photos

As a region, we like to support and promote those vendors that make the effort to attend our events and provide amazing images of our cars and drivers on the courses. Be sure and check out Douglas Bolduc and DaggerSLADE Media for all the RallyCross event images.

Stock Class

Stock Front

1st – Chang Ho Kim

2nd – Austin O’Brien

3rd – Kim Hapgood

Stock All

1st – David Bosquet

2nd – Dylan Foreau (non member)

3rd – Michael Chace

Prepared Class

Prepared Front

1st – Amy Alton

Prepared All

1st – Michael Maurice

2nd – Joel White

3rd – Nikolay Nemchuk

Modified Class

Modified Front

1st – Scott Carlson

2nd – Philip LaMoreaux

3rd – Chris Zanis


Modified All

1st – Chris Regan

2nd – Emmanuel Cecchet

3rd – Clifton Kangas


Modified Rear

1st – Vaughn Micciche

2nd – Lazz McKenzie

3rd – Vojta Kubec


2019 NER RallyCross Final Points