Photo by Shawn Pan

2023 Season Points and Schedule

As the spring season morphs into summer, the NER Autocross program already has 3 events under its belt to date. Our “Knock off the Rust” from April 2, and the first two points events on April 23 and May 7. Official results and the points standings are all updated and available on the Pit Talk Results page.

Registration links are updated for all events throughout the season. Simply visit the NER 2023 Solo Schedule page to find them and sign up. The next points event will be Sunday, May 27 – our “Dodging Orange” session.

June 24-25: EVO Performance Driving School

Also just on the horizon is our EVO Performance Driving school which is being hosted in partnership with the BMW Club.

Evolution Performance Driving Schools are hands-on, foot to the floor autocross driving schools. With programs designed to improve the driving skills of 16 year old novices to multi-time Solo II National Champions. No matter what type of car you drive, Evolution has a program for you. Evolution instructors are national caliber drivers, with years of experience, wins, and national championships to their credit in all different types of cars. They teach the student driver the finer points of autocrossing, while taking years off the learning curve. Instructors will share with students proven race winning skills and experiences, while building upon the students pre-existing skills to form a solid foundation to improve upon after completion.

To learn more – visit the EVO School site here.

Registration is now open for the EVO School. Per Jerry Papenhausen, “If you’ve never done Evo School, starting with Phase I is appropriate. The club schools are geared more towards the never-evers. Phase I Evo assumes some basic experience like knowing what a slalom is, how to start, etc. Phase I Saturday and Phase II Sunday is perfect for the newly addicted (but with at least one event if not more of actual participation… which, to be clear, is totally *not* an actual strict requirement). You want at least a year of experience if not more to be ready for Challenge School.”

Any additional questions on the school can go to Melanie Kwong, Bob Davis or Will Koscielny.