2022 Solo Nats

It’s that time of year. National Championships. First up, are the autocrossers. Over September 6-9, they will return to Lincoln Airpark in Lincoln, Nebraska. This year, the New England Region is sending 32 drivers in an attempt to maintain it’s standing as producing some of the most talented and competitive solo racers in the country.

Last year, FIVE NER drivers claimed Solo National Championship titles, with nine more finishing with trophy placements. 

In a twist on the preview of “Who Will Win?”, instead of the editors and staff at SportsCar giving their opinions, they are having a little fun and putting it out for a member poll. Of course, more than a few familiar NER names on already on those poll lists, so go have some fun voting for our drivers!

Solo Nats Event Details

Dates: September 6-9

Location: Lincoln Airfield

Event Page

Solo Matters FB Page

NER Solo Nats Entries

Rachel Baker
Kathy Barnes
Josh Brockman
Justin Chen
Jojo Corrales-Kean
Mark Daddio
Bob Davis
Billy Davis
Brandon Dean
Brandon Dryer
Brad Fiore
Jim Garry
William Goodale
Kimsoo Gopnik
Ginette Jordan
Jinx Jordan

Todd Kean
Chang Ho Kim
William Koscielny
Paul Kozlak
Paul Krysiak
Andrew Krystinik
Tamra Krystinik
Melanie Kwong
Joseph Lagdao
Mark Ponusky
Stephanie Reeve
Grant Reeve
Jacob Ronald
Pat Salerno
Reid Shanabrook
Derek Sivret
Fred White

Jojo being Jojo

It wouldn’t be a NER/Solo Nats experience without the shirts! Check out this year’s design that will be sported throughout the paddock, as well as the cute NER Tats, as modeled by a future racer.